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Which Electric Golf Buggy is best for me?

Q. Which Electric Golf Buggy is best for me?
A. There are many different buggy types and models with different features

a) Folding or Pull Apart.
Folding golf buggies are usually one piece and are the most popular. The weight becomes important with a one piece golf buggy as the maximum lifting weight equals the total weight. As the buggy is only one part there is less chance of leaving something behind. Pull Apart golf buggies generally come in three parts, the handle, the front wheel assembly and the chassis including the motor, gearbox and rear wheels. They are popular when space is at a premium and pulling the buggy apart provides smaller pieces to pack in the boot.

b)Freewheel or Differential Drive
A Freewheel golf buggy has a clutch that allows forward movement or freewheel. This enables the golfer to push the buggy where necessary and also allows movement downhill without being driven by the motor. Differential Drive buggies have a differential gearbox and are not able to be freewheeled. The Differential buggy requires the motor to propel the buggy in most circumstances however the differential gearbox can slow the buggy when moving downhill with the motor off or at low speed.

c)Aluminium or Steel Construction
The Aluminium golf buggy is usually lighter than steel and is easier to lift and operate. The Aluminium buggy is unlikely to rust. The steel buggy is generally stronger and more durable.

d)Manual or Remote Control
The Manual control golf buggy has the on/off and speed controls on the handle. The remote golf buggy has a separate hand held control device to operate the buggy.

e)Manual or Electric brakes
The latest electric golf buggies have brakes. Manual brakes are usually operated by a hand lever like a push bike brake. Electric brakes are operated by pressing a button either on the manual controls or on a hand held remote.

The main factors to consider when selecting an electric golf buggy are:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Power
  • Reliability.

Other factors include

  • Warranty
  • Spare parts availability
  • Service Center location
  • Performance.

To discuss your requirements and answer any questions regarding your new electric buggy please contact us on  1300 88 18 28  1300 88 18 28 or visit our Showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney.

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