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Lithium Battery for Electric Golf Buggies

Upgrade your electric golf buggy battery to Lithium today !

Why ?

Lithium Golf Buggy Batteries are

    Weighs only 3kg. Easy to lift, steer and go downhill. Less wear and tear on you and your buggy
  • FASTER 20% faster than lead acid.
    12.8 volts of power, does not slow.
    Maximum Power for the Full Round
    Charges in less than 4 hours.
    Designed to last over 5 years.

BGB Lithium batteries will fit all 12 volt Electric Golf Buggies and come with a battery bag and a special adaptor provided to fit your buggy connection

Battery Golf Buggies - Lithium Battery                  

Your new 22Ah Lithium Battery & 4A Charger for $450

The new Lithium Battery is available in our Sydney and Melbourne stores and in our online shop

Also available BGB 18Ah Lithium Battery and 14.4v 4A Charger $400 after trade in 


 Ezicaddy 180PU Buggy $795 to order click here.


 Greenhill GT Buggy $995 to order click here.


 Relaxt Stowaway Buggy $1095 to order click here.


10 reasons to upgrade to a BGB Lithium LiFePo4 22Ah Battery for your 12 Volt Electric Golf Buggy.

1. Lighter to Lift - Lithium is 30% the weight of lead acid, 70% Lighter Lifting.

The BGB Lithium Battery weighs around  30% of an equivalent  Lead Acid Battery .
BGB Lithium LiFePo4 22Ah Batteries weigh 3kg  Lead Acid 22Ah Batteries weigh 10kg
You have to lift and carry the battery to your car, lift out of the car and put on your buggy, lift back into the car and lift and carry again when you get home to recharge the battery.
Four times a day 10kg Heavy Lifting or 3kg with lift ease.

2. Lighter to Drive - 23% Lighter Effort Required.

If your buggy weighs 10kg, Golf Bag 10kg and Lead Acid Battery 10kg, Total weight 30KG.
To drive your buggy around the course for 4 hours, each time you change direction or go downhill you feel the strain of the 30KG.Changing  to Lithium saves 7kg which is over 23% of the overall equipment weight. Making a huge difference if the effort required to steer around the course and hold on downhill. 

3. Less Wear and Tear - 35% Less to Transport

Your buggy currently carries 20kg, 10kg Golf Bag 10kg Lead Acid Battery.
Changing  to Lithium saves 7kg which is  35% of the equipment carry weight.
The result is less wear and tear on the buggy wheels, tyres, clutches, motor, gearbox and frame.
Every part is less worn with a 35% reduction in the payload saving in repairs and replacements. 

4. Faster  - 20% Faster wheel speed

LithiumLiFePo4 batteries provide 12.8 Volts of power increasing the wheel speed by 20% over a 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery.  Extra speed to use when going uphills or when you have to catch up.

5. Charges Quicker - Fully Charged in less than 3 hours after 18 holes

The  BGB 14.4V 4A Automatic LiFePo4 Lithium Battery Charger charges you battery in less than 4 hours after a powering your buggy around 18 holes of golf.

6. More Capacity  - 33 to 36 Holes on one charge

The Lithium LiFePo4 12.8V22Ah battery provides  a capacity to travel 36 holes on most courses. If you are playing match play or feel like an extra nine or even 18 on some courses you have the capacity.  You can even top up the charge while having lunch to guarantee you have plenty of excess capacity.

7. No Slow Down - Full power for 18 Holes

The Lithium Battery provides 12.8 Volts for the full round of Golf and over 12 Volts up to 36 holes. No Slowing down on the last few holes.
The Lithium Battery Management  System inside your Lithium Battery delivers the constant power to your buggy and turns off when capacity is exhausted. The BMS also protects the battery from Over Charging, Over Discharging, Over Current Draw and Over Temperature Operation.

8. Longer Life - Designed to perform for over 5 years

Lithium batteries are designed to provide over 1000 cycles to 80% of Capacity. Over 5 years normal usage. The battery performance is maintained by the BMS throughout the life of the Lithium Battery.

9. Less Battery Use - More Freewheel operation

As the overall weight is less during the operation of the buggy with a lithium battery the percentage of time when the battery is required to power the buggy is reduced and the free wheel time is increased saving more battery power for a later day.

10. Increases Smiles

- Every time you pick up your Lithium Battery you notice the lack of effort required and this usually causes a Smile, especially from long term lead acid users .


 You can download our flyer on Why Uprade To Lithium here.

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