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Ezicaddy Remote Advantage MotoBrake 180EVA Golf Buggy

Ezicaddy Remote Advantage MotoBrake 180 EVA $1045 Buggy Only
  • The Remote Advantage MotoBrake features:
  • Motor Braking so you can select the speed you walk downhill and your Ezicaddy Motobrake will maintain that speed going downhill without you holding on.
  • Remote control Start so you can send your Ezicaddy Motobrake forward for 15 seconds ( 30 metres ) by pressing the Round button and automatically stop after 15 seconds.
  • Remote control Stop so you can stop your Ezicaddy Motobrake with a push of the Round button.
  • Remote Distance Control press the 5 second Triangle button to move a short distance and automatically stop after 5 seconds ( 10 metres ).
  • New EVA Tyres Front and Rear for a softer ride.
  • New Differential Gearbox for increased downhill control.
  • New Larger D Shaped Handle
  • Retractable 4th wheel for extra stability so your buggy wont fall backwards.
  • Compact patented omni directional aerial on handle.
  • Intelligent multi function LED indicator on handle to show status of battery.
  • Auto safety timer shut off after 15 seconds. If no instructions for 15 seconds your Ezicaddy MotoBrake will stop.

  • The Remote Advantage MotoBrake includes:
  • A Remote Advantage MotoBrake Electric Buggy
  • A Remote Advantage Transmitter
  • An Remote Advantage Aerial fitted to the handle
  • Removeable EVA Rear wheels for easy cleaning
  • A Dual Height handle for comfortable use
  • A Deluxe Box seat on a sprung stem
  • Retractable Rear 4th Wheel
  • New Sand Bucket holder
  • Free Sand Bucket Ring
  • Free Umbrella Holder
  • New Differential Gearbox for downhill control
  • Powerful 180 watt Motor for power uphill
  • NEW Larger D Shape Handle Hold on with both hands for better control

    Note: This price is for a Buggy only! You can add a Battery and/or Charger if required at our special price of $150 each when purchased with the buggy, by adding them below.

    Ezicaddy 24Ah Sonnenschein Battery in Bag with battery lead and Charger 4A 12Volt Automatic

    Also available with new LiFePo4 Lithium Battery see under Category - Lithium Powered Golf Buggies

    The Ezicaddy - Remote Advantage MotoBrake - the better alternative to a full remote electric buggy.

    The Remote Advantage can be controlled by using the small remote transmitter (the same size as your car lock transmitter). You can attach the Remote Control transmitter to you belt loop on one side so it is not in the way and is always available for use when you choose.

    The Remote Advantage MotoBrake can also be controlled using the on/off switch and speed control knob located on the handle.

    The Remote Advantage MotoBrake can be pointed in the right direction and the remote control button pressed and the Remote Advantage moves at around 75% of full speed. To Stop the Remote Advantage MotoBrake press the remote control button again and it will apply the electric MotoBrake and stop.

    The Remote Advantage MotoBrake has a 5 second timer button to allow you to send it forward for 5 seconds ( 10 metres ).

    Once you reach the Green you can point the Remote Advantage MotoBrake in the direction of the next tee and once you have finished putting you can press the remote and meet your Remote Advantage MotoBrake at the next tee.

    The Remote Advantage MotoBrake has One Motor/Gearbox so it is lighter, more compact and you do not need an extra large battery.

    In all The Remote Advantage MotoBrake is the better alternative to the full remote buggy. Downhill control, lighter, smaller, easier, efficient and better value at $1145.

      Ezicaddy Remote Advantage Motobrake EVA Folded and Upright

      "Wow. The improvement to my golf, my physical well being and my handicap has been incredible since I purchased the Ezicaddy Motobrake. I only had the Motobrake for one month and took two strokes off my handicap (18 down to 16). I no longer come off the course tired and exhausted after finishing a round of golf and my knees certainly appreciate the ‘cruise control’ effect that allows you to stay at the one set speed whilst going down steep slopes. My concentration is much better, especially on our back 9 which is very hilly. No more struggling up and down slopes, wasting energy on pushing and pulling. Now it is just a casual stroll with the Motobrake doing all the work. Thank you EziCaddy, you have put the enjoyment back into my game."

      Cheers Sandi Elliott Mount Gambier SA

      2 years on and still going strong. I purchased an EziCaddy Motobrake in December 2011 and it hasn’t missed a beat. I play on a hilly golf course and walk casually down steep paths with my EziCaddy. No struggling or straining, trying to keep up like you have to do with the other brands, the EziCaddy Motobrake is like having a buggy with cruise control. Uphill or downhill, it doesn’t matter. Whatever is my pace, is the EziCaddy pace.

      If you are considering purchasing an electric buggy, then seriously consider the EziCaddy Motobrake. Your game of golf will be like a stroll in the park.

      Sandi Elliott - Mount Gambier Golf Club ( Attamurra)

      "The Advantage MotoBrake is sensational and has increased my enjoyment immensely. The downhill brake feature lets you walk down a steep slope without handling the buggy, and more importantly is great for the wonky knees. Very reliable and quiet and is the best electric buggy i have had" ...... Alan Harris - The Coast GC NSW

      Seven years on It is only the benefits of the Ezicaddy Links Motobrake 180EVA buggy that has kept me in the game, with the motorbrake function a savior for knees. At my recent service, Ron and Greg were helpful and prompt - why go anywhere else when you need an Electric Buggy.....Alan Harris The Coast GC NSW

      "The new buggy is great.....the test was traversing down the steep 7th hole it performed precisely as you said, at the constant set speed.....extremely happy! thank you for the information and your good advice on this excellent purchase" ....... Rob Rowley Bayview GC NSW

      Gents Had a round yesterday with my new buggy I purchased on Tuesday and I am very pleased with it. I am glad I spent the extra dollars on the remote motobrake model and the inflatable tyres are really good.Compared to my old MGI buggy it is miles ahead. Playing partners were also impressed so you might score some more sales You were right about the CTek charger because when my battery was on the CTek it was indicating fully charged but when I connected it to the charger I got from you it charged for another two hours and there was a noticeable difference with how much charge it still had after 18 holes Thanks again Greg Belmont G.C.


        Ezicaddy Remote Advantage Motobrake AIR Folded and Upright

        Upgrade to Air Wheels $50 please select Wheel Type below:

        Ezicaddy Remote Advantage Motobrake 180 AIR for only $1195

        Available Options:



        Scorecard holder:

        Umbrella holder:

        Wheel Type:

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