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About Us

Battery Golf Buggies was established in 1997 to provide Australian Golfers more access to the latest battery powered electric golf buggies from Australia and Overseas. To ensure ongoing support a fully equipped workshop was needed to service and maintain the new battery powered electric golf buggies.

The first Battery Golf Buggies showroom and workshop in Sydney was opened in May 1997 at Middle Cove in Sydney. Battery Golf Buggies second showroom and workshop was opened in May 2002 at Oakleigh South in Melbourne.

Battery Golf Buggies has provided the golfing community with the power to enjoy the game and the service to stay on course for over 25 years. The experienced staff at Battery Golf Buggies will ensure enjoyment of the game of golf with less effort required to transport your golf clubs by using a battery powered electric golf buggy supplied and maintained by Battery Golf Buggies.

We are located in Sydney at 215 Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove NSW 2068 ph 02 9958 3300. Open 10am to 6pm Weekdays


 The Social Benefits of Walking when you Golf

Golf has always been a social game. Whether it be on the links of Scotland or on the plains of Nebraska, it is a game that is most enjoyable while playing with others. Who they are matters little, as we have all had wonderful rounds with family, friends or complete strangers. Such is the powerful connection of the game of golf.

One of the reasons that the golf has grown in popularity is because people are social creatures and spending several hours with others on a golf course is often a very rewarding experience. If fact, if you were to ask a group of twenty people their top five reasons for golfing, the social element would probably be first or second on the list.

It makes sense that golf has always been a walking game, because there is no other way to play that provides such a great opportunity to converse.

Before motorized golf carts, did people did ride horses or take a carriage or ride bikes to get their golf ball?

No, they walked, and they walked for many reasons.

Primarily, walking is the most efficient mode of transportation on a golf course. It allows you to interact with your playing partners throughout the round and between shots. It allows you to experience the architectural and aesthetic beauty of the course every step of the way from from tee to green, and it allows you to plan your next shot while walking up to your ball.

There is not doubt that the Scots have a very social culture and golf is one of the bedrocks of their society because it promotes a wonderful amount of personal interaction. Thus, it only makes sense that golf was created as a walking game.

Why carry just walk behind your golf buggy and enjoy Golf the Walking Game.


Battery Golf Buggies provide the following services.

  • Buggy Fitting Service We help you find the right electric golf buggy for you and your course.
  • Lithium Battery Pack Upgrade Service To provide Lighter, Faster and Economical power to your existing 12 Volt Electric Golf Buggy. To update you golf buggy to the latest lithium 12.8V 22Ah LiFePo4 model battery with Automatic 4A Lithium Charger. 
  • Trade In Service To update you golf buggy to the latest model. We trade in your existing golf buggy and where possible adapt your current battery and charger to your new buggy to maximise your battery life and minimise your change over price.
  • BGB Eazy Payment Plan Service. To spread the payment for your new electric buggy we offer an easy payment plan so you can make three easy payments for your new buggy over three months. Just ask for the BGB Eazy Payment Plan.
  • Battery testing and Replacement Service So you have all the power you need to play a round.
  • Charger Testing and Adjustment Service To maintain your golf buggy battery at peak performance.
  • Buggy Check Up and After Sales Service To keep your electric golf buggy running smoothly.
  • Golf Buggy Repairs To keep your buggy to top condition we replace or repair any faulty part.
  • Pickup and Delivery Service You can send your buggy to us from anywhere in Australia for service or repair and we quickly return it to you ready to play.
  • Spare Parts Service We have spare parts to fit all major brands and will assist you in so you are back on the course in record time.
  • Golf Bags and Golf Accessories including umbrellas, rain covers, umbrella holders, bucket rings, box seats and Precious Cargo Ladies Rain Hats and Twisty Visors.
  • An On-line shop so you can order you new buggy, battery, charger, golf bag, golf accessory or golf buggy spare part and have it delivered to your home. Products ordered On-line are shipped next working day or we contact you.
  • What’s wrong with my Buggy Service Just email or call us to help diagnose any fault with your battery powered electric golf buggy, battery or charger.

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