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What size battery do I need for my electric golf buggy?

Q. What size battery do I need for my electric golf buggy?
A. The battery size is dependant on the requirements of the buggy.

Most standard buggies use a 24Amp hour size battery. This size is adequate for most golf buggies and most courses. Some buggies require larger batteries 30 Amp, these are normally remote control buggies or buggies that don't roll freely as this demands greater power to complete 18 holes. Some electric golf buggies use smaller batteries 17Amp, these are mostly smaller, lighter buggies but may struggle to get reasonable life from this size battery. The main thing to keep in mind is battery life , if you got around 2 years from your last battery then you probably have the right size to suit your buggy , if it didn't last 2 years then you may be able to get a larger battery to suit your buggy

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